Thursday, October 09, 2008

like we don't already have enough mouths to feed!

Monday night we got the call we had been waiting for. the pig farmer called to say that the 8 week old pigs were ready, and we could come get some whenever we wanted. i was glad to take A over after her nap, and we had a nice time. the farmer was very friendly, and asked lots of questions, as well as answered my questions in return. i think that he got more information out of me, far more than i learned about farrowing from him: where i lived, how many children i had, where we were from, what i planted in my garden, what i plan to plant in my garden next year, where M was going to college, why we moved here, where does Dave work, where did we move from, what was i going to do with my pigs, where was Dave, where do i work, was i sure i wanted to put the pigs in the back of my Subaru?

before we got our pigs picked out and loaded up, A and i had a chance to thoroughly explore the barn, and see the dozens and dozens of pigs that he had. A even got to hold one! although i will say, she was much more interested in the barn cats than the pigs! there were several sows with litters that had just delivered the day before, all the way up to the big old boar, and we got to see them all.

i picked out 2 of the biggest 8 week old pigs that he had, and after getting their shots, we put them in the feed sacks, tossed them in the back, and off we went, with our pigs quietly grunting in the back. (of the Subaru) since around here we strictly adhere to the policy of not planning ahead, since we're so busy just doing what must be done Right. Now. (see why we didn't have heat until a few weeks ago), i had left Dave at home brainstorming where we would put said pigs when i arrived home. (and my arrival was a little overdue, seeing as I'd run out of gas. again.) however, we weathered that minor setback, and put the pigs in the rabbit coop slash chicken house slash duck coop slash pig house for a couple days.

this morning we moved them to their more permanent spot, and fenced in a little area for them to run in. they are well on the way to having it all rooted up, looking for worms and grubs and stuff. we cut an old water heater in half for their trough, and they seem to be very happy, rooting and grunting around.

we plan on fencing in a bigger area with electric fence, and I'd like to get more pigs- some for my family, and some to sell. i need to do a little more research about that, to make sure that I'm spending our money wisely, and will at least break even at the end. ideally, I'd like to get pigs every 3 months or so, and have a constant rotation of pigs. so we'll see how that goes, and I'll keep you posted on our newest, biggest eaters!

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