Tuesday, October 07, 2008

there has to be an up side!

if you're one of my friends or relatives that i talk to on a regular basis, you probably have noticed that i sometimes spend time
whining and pulling my hair outtalking about my frustration with my teenagers- specifically the male ones. if you're one of those people- thanks for listening! you probably helped me not go insane for one more day. no, really, i love all my children fiercely, and today i would like to spend time making a list and sharing it with you about some of the things i appreciate about being a mother to 4 teenagers:

#1- they are potty trained
#2- they don't eat cat food
#3- they sleep through the night
#4- they don't scribble on every blessed piece of paper they can get their hands on
#5- they don't throw whole rolls of TP in the toilet
#6- they don't confuse a glue stick with chapstick
#7- they don't touch your beautiful, flowy, black with purple flowers Sunday skirt, and say "ooo. mommy. curtain."
#8- they don't chew the corners off all the board books
#9- they don't eat copious amounts of raisins from little red boxes
#10- they don't find old, dusty, cracked binkys hiding under the furniture and pop it in for "old time's sake"
#11- they don't hold a calculator up to their ear and say "hello?hello?"

and that's all i have to say about that!

1 comment:

Octamom said...

#5---so there is an end in sight? As in, in 12 years, 8 of 8 will stop the TP Bowl games? Good to know, good to know....



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