Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's gonna be a rough year!

today is my 39th birthday, and i suspect that i will spend my day (and my year) if anybody asks, firmly stating that YES, i am REALLY only 39!

this particular birthday milestone is an odd one. people will often say- "39 and holding". so what happens when you are really, truly, honest-to-goodness, right-on-the-dot 39? do people look at you askance and mumble- yeah sure. riiiiiight. -all the while thinking "she really doesn't look too bad for early to mid 40's." aaauugghhhhhhhh! i'll have to do a little hoppy dance, and get all energetic and emphatic, and politely say- i'm 39. really. and don't mess with me- i have 3 teenage boys!

so, i'll have to keep you posted on how this whole year of disbelief goes. and i guesss as a last resort i could whip out my driver's liscence. but that might not help, since the picture is really horrible! i look like a romanian refugee. but at least i can prove that i'm a 39 year old refugee!

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Angie said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Mine is in a couple weeks, and my baby boy is going to be 2 on Oct. 11th. I am having a harder time coping with him turning 2 than with myself getting older. I want to keep him a baby forever.

Have a blessed day!


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