Thursday, August 21, 2008

i've been kind of busy lately....

it's been a crazy hairy time around here the last few days. i've been away from home the last 3 days. doing what, you may ask? did you finally get to go on that much needed and deserved romantic vacation with your husband? ha! last week, i mentioned that Nathaniel fell off his bike, and could have gotten stitches. instead we went to CVS, and invested in neosporin, gauze, tape, hydrogen peroxide and large bandaids, and cared for the wound ourselves. we spent the same as we would have for a co-pay at the doctor's, so i figured we were even. fast forward several days, and the wound began to swell, N spiked a fever of 102, and the site was all red and warm. after a trip to the ER, (of course after 10PM) his arm was no better the next day, and in fact getting worse. we went to the doctor, who sent us to the surgeon, who gave us the diagnosis of cellulitis. he admitted N to the hospital, and operated the next day, (Wednesday) taking out 2 abscesses, as well as cleaning and flushing the site. N is left with a rather large incision- 3"X1 1/2"X1/2". wow! so i was in the hospital keeping N company, and signing tons of consent forms, from Tuesday until he was discharged on Thursday afternoon. we need to go back to the hospital every day to have the bandage changed, and so the nurses can keep and eye on how it's healing. we have a doctor appointment on Tuesday, and at some point the incision will be stitched up. until then, N has been rendered "incapacitated"

i was very thankful that M was home to help hold down the fort. it was also Dave's days off, so things ran pretty smoothly here at home, all things considered. N's hospital room was semi-private, and overlooked a beautiful little courtyard garden, full of vegetables, flowers and herbs. i was able to spend lots of time with him while in the hospital, and even have been knitting on B's baby blanket again. (almost done!) we also enjoyed watching the Olympics- a treat since we don't have TV at home. (and as several people said to N, some people will do anything to watch the Olympics. including a very serious infection and operation!)

overall i was very impressed with our little rural hospital. it's a very small facility, located right in downtown towanda. the nurses were very friendly, and took excellent care of N while he was there. the last morning that we were there, the physical therapist stopped in to give N some exercises to do at home, as he's already lost range of motion in his elbow. as we were chatting, she told us that the little courtyard garden is their PT garden, used for therapy for the children. there were several rabbits that lived there, presumable hopping around happily nibbling on the lettuce and beans, living a life of idyllic peace and tranquility. that is, until the bobcat came in on Monday evening and ate them all. yes. a bobcat. in the hospital courtyard garden. in downtown towanda.

and you thought i was exaggerating about rural Bradford county.

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