Saturday, August 16, 2008

in which the whiney blogger gets a Fminus

we all want to be popular- me included- and in a fit of whiny-ness, i installed the skribbit gadget to invite my readers to prompt me on topics to blog upon. almost right away, i got a hit! how am i staying organized in this season of my life? ( and i'm assuming that she means while we're majorly remodeling/renovating our house.) i should could just keep it short and simple and say that dave and M apparently think i'm not. they both made a snickering, snorting noise out their nose when they heard about my newest only question. and usually the people we live with know us the best!

but i will continue deluding myself, and ramble on for a little bit about this topic. i really thought that i was pretty good at organizing! i mean, we all have to be good at something, and i know that for me it's not cleaning! and even though i like to cook for lots of people, i rarely make dessert. so i was content to think that organizing a large family was my niche.

i'm so *organized*, that i don't really know what i do that is organized! a long time ago, a mother of 4 (with twins) told me that she just does the next thing. "do the next thing". that's kind of what i do, i guess! around and around and around- cooking, cleaning, diapers, laundry, kids, cooking, homeschooling, husband, kids, diapers, laundry, chickens, cooking, kids, diapers, homeschooling, laundry, sewing, kids, husband, diapers, cooking, laundry. (notice how cleaning was only in there once?!) galloping just to stay behind- that's me! no profound organizational hints here, i'm afraid!

to wrap it up, i put the gidget on the sidebar because i wanted to have a *popular blog*, with lots of hits. there's lots of blogs out there that are funny, and i just wanted to be like every body else have a very interesting blog. i mean, we have chickens too, but somehow we're just not as funny as April and her chickens. our chickens are also very healthy, and besides, i never make cherry pie. then there's octamom. i have a slew of kids, (including twins), i'm still a nursing mom, and i scrapbook too, but not like this! and don't forget ree! i live in the country, too, but we don't have horses or cows. but we do have a dog. he's a really cool dog, and his name is bud. he hunts coons with dave and the boys. and i cook the zucchini and summer squash from my garden, too! but i don't get a gajillion people to tell me how to re-do my house, or what color to make my kitchen counter top! and just this week, N wrecked his bike, and could have gotten stitches in his elbow. we decided to skip it, but if i was the CDW, we could have done this instead.

so sadly, i guess i should admit that i'm not good at organizing. (or cleaning) but i'm really good at bossing people around. (and i think that my family would wholeheartedly agree with that!) so if you just want to stop by every once in awhile, and see how our house is coming along, and hear about the latest adventures of me bossing people around, then this is the blog for you!

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