Monday, June 09, 2008

staying cool in bradford county!

chillin' out in towanda creek

natural rock water slides!

A checks out the tadpoles

it's been very hot here the last several days- very humid and nasty. according to the paper, it's the hottest it's been since 1925! oh brother! thankfully, we have the creek right close by to stay cool. the kids have been going swimming nearly every day- sometimes even twice a day! A loves to go down to the creek and throw stones with daddy. and yesterday i had her down, and she swam around with M, and threw stones and rocks with me. she seemed intrigued with the hundreds of tadpoles, too. it's nice to have the creek so close by- the big kids were all raised right along penn's creek, and spent many afternoons just messing around in the water. i can see that we will be continuing that family tradition for all the children.

staying cool for the younger crowd!

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