Friday, June 06, 2008

short update

it's been a busy week here at our house. there are several projects that have made signifigant progress. it's actually starting to look more like a house, and less like a ripped apart mess of a tumble down shack.

my project this week has been the front living room. i moved all the furniture to the middle of the room, and spackled the whole thing. and in the process, managed to impress dave. (not an easy thing to do, believe me!) i can reservedly say that i've almost mastered the art of spackling. i think i may have said before that spackling is an art, not a science, and after 11 gallons of drywall compound, i'm getting pretty darn good at it! dave keeps going around the room, and looking at the joints and seams, and making little approving sounds in his throat. (can't seem to bring himself to saying it out loud!) so now the room is ready for the primer coat, and then onward and upward! yay for finishing projects!

another thing that i did this week was make our (grand) hallway tidier and nicer looking. this involved moving out some drywall, hanging pictures and moving in my secretariat. that looks very nice as well, and i'll post a picture later.

dave has been working this week on finishing the bathroom. he hung the rest of the bead board, and the closet door, and is now almost done with the trim work. i was also in there this week, painting and touching up. it makes a huge difference and looks really nice. i keep telling dave that he's really handy to have around.

M started her new job this week at the Bradford County Manor as a CNA, and she seems to be liking that just fine. N also got a job this week. i'll post about that later. everyone keeps very busy helping me with my projects, or with the girls.

that's been the week on our home front. hope your week was happy and productive as well.

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