Thursday, June 19, 2008

plodding along.

in spite of the rain, missing workers and sickness among the family, things have been rolling along here this week. we have continued to dig along the foundation of the addition, starting with the other side on monday. the boys got quite far before the rain forced them to stop. i gave them the afternoon off yesterday- even I'm not mean enough to make them work in the hail! i assured them that i would get the work out of their hides another time. they laughed, because they thought i was kidding. here is the trench as of yesterday afternoon- in between the raindrops. dave said this side of the house is over 2" off square! he's bringing another jack home tonight, as well as some joists, and will work on this project tomorrow, which is his day off.

since it was so rainy, i took the time to play play-do with the girls. that was a special treat. A really likes play-do, and we let her play with it until she starts to eat it!

the high chair is done! D was able to finish it before he left on sunday morning for a week of sailing with sea cadets in baltimore, maryland. B is a real cutie- but in most of the pictures of her she has her eyes closed.

we also got 50 more peeps, and have moved them outside, as they were really stinking up the utility room. it seems every other day I'm running to the feed store to buy food for something. i don't want to keep track how much it costs us to raise these things to be big enough to eat... I'd probably be horrified! i do know, however, that the chickens we raise taste way better than the store bought, frozen things! so if it involves chicken, tomatoes or rice, we eat pretty well around here!

and here's my baby B, crawling! i can't believe it! she also has 2 new teeth- her canines. i guess she's going for the vampire look. dave keeps telling me that my baby isn't a baby anymore- but i don't need him to remind me- the days are gong all too fast!
the good news of the week is that the appraiser stopped by (finally) so now we can start ripping out the plaster and lath upstairs. we were on hold until he came, as we didn't want to make the house look worse than it already does. we still have all our wood to get in for the winter, and with the bank loan, dave will be able to get his tractor. since he picked out the new stove for our kitchen (and has yet to cook on it!) i told him that i will be picking out his tractor. seems only fair, right? we also have a load of stuff the get to the dump, several trees to cut down, and a huge pile of lath to break up into stove size pieces. i was starting to run out of jobs for the boys, but now we have that problem solved again. no rest for the weary!

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