Sunday, June 29, 2008

it has to get worse before it gets better!

i can't remember why at the moment, but for some reason i decided that all the plaster and lath needs to come out of the upstairs. now. so that's what the boys have been working on, and doing a mighty good job, i might add. also, it makes them tired at night. another good thing. we strategically started the ripping of 2 of the rooms- i've given it some thought, and tried to do it so we could shut off most of the house as needed, and not have plaster dust everywhere. sounds good on paper, anyway!

here's my work crew- D and G. see- i told you that hard work was good for them. they don't look like they are protesting too hard!

lowering the lath out the window. we'll burn it in our wood stove this winter. (remember the old saying- "he who burns wood warms himself twice")

knocking down the last bit of plaster from the chimney.

here they are dumping the plaster out the window, down the chute into the trailer. as you can see, i am totally deluding myself if i think that i can either #1- control the plaster dust, or #2- keep my house clean!

still a happy work crew!

this room is done, and just needs the plaster shoveled out the window. we call this the green room, and it will be A and B's room eventually. it's in the back corner of the house, facing the woods and field.

cutting the lath into 3 foot pieces, before taking it off the wall. that makes it easier to get off, easier to clean up, and it will also fit into the stove better.

standing in the green room, looking into the front bedroom. this will be the guest room, should we ever find any souls brave enough to tough it out with us!

and you can't feel too sorry for my boys- the obviously had enough energy to be creative enough to create this still life "tools of the trade"

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