Wednesday, June 11, 2008

glad you stopped for a visit!

now that things are getting "finished", i thought that i'd give you a little tour. the main living areas downstairs are as done as they will get for awhile, and i like how it turned out. there is lots of room to spread out, and for the girls to play on the floor. also, i would just like to mention that my house is always this neat and tidy!
this is the front living room, and where you walk in the front door, from the porch, looking towards the left. it is the guest entrance. (the family uses the utility room door, which is nowhere near ready to allow people to see a picture of that-it's a huge, jumbled mess!)

standing in the same spot, looking towards the right. this is the back half of the double living room, and the schoolroom area.

if you walk through the front living room, you come to the "grand" hallway. the steps lead to the sitting room, and 4 upstairs bedrooms. the front door is behind me. (or will be, when it is put in.) the master bedroom is immediately to my left. the bathroom is on the left at the end of the hall. (the dresser is our diaper changing dresser. very handy!) the kitchen is at the end of the hallway, on the right.

if you walk down the hall, on your right you go back into the schoolroom.

here is the living room again, as seen from the hallway.

it really feels like home now, since we have the same color paint that was in the high street house, and of course the same furniture and knick-nacks. i feel like i've been painting 150 year old wood trim manchester tan for years now. (and i guess i have!) we still have pictures and quilts to hang, but first i have to find them in the attic!
oh- i guess i should tell you that i was just kidding about the part where my house is always this neat. it actually took 4 of us to take these pictures. the kids cleared all the clutter and stuff from the rooms, and then stood just out of camera range so i could take the picture. then they put it all back! just wanted to keep it real!

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