Sunday, June 15, 2008

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

today in celebration of father's day, we went canoeing. we put in right at our house, and went downstream about 5 miles to the river. we took out at wysox. it was a little rough at first- towanda creek is low in spots, and we had to get out and walk. the little girls seemed not to like the bumpy ride, so it was a little loud and stressful for a while! good thing we took along pretzels! they both enjoyed munching on them, and it kept both the girls quiet. once we got to the river, they were both rather happy, and having a good time. we almost hated to get out! so now we know, next time we'll plan on going somewhere where there is a park, and everyone can just canoodle around, and the girls can play, too. it's just that creeks are much better than the river- like comparing a highway to a back country road.
just getting under way- not too many tears yet.

G scouting ahead

N was pretty relaxed on this trip

now that we're done, everyone is having a great time!

happy little canoer!

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