Saturday, September 03, 2016

i'm still here... and i'm back!

holy smokes! what a summer... drought, wind, hail, exhaustion, bronchitis, more drought, even a "monsoon"... this has been our most difficult growing year yet, but we're almost done, and still managing to produce (and harvest!) lots of good food for our CSA members.
I completely missed out on August's sewing, so I'm slowly catching up with the greys. why do I love grey so much? no idea...

I've done the row for my low volume plus quilt, and can also pull the reds for September and get working on them.

I finished my pink crumb blocks, (and it was still August- so only one month behind on those!)
I made one baby quilt for grandbaby #1- due in October. and I've got a great start on the quilt for grandbaby #2- due in November.
I haven't done any more rows for the column along quilt for RSC16. I fell behind with the green flying geese, and then got a bit stumped with the grey row... I'm doing the quilt in all Kona solids, and my background is grey.... so i'll have to figure that one out pretty soon... I don't want to relegate yet another quilt to the WIP/UFO pile!
speaking of which... my pile is getting bigger and bigger! I just can't keep up with all my ideas- I really need to get some of those started quilts finished! I think that will be a good project for me to work on after the gardens are put to bed!
click on over to Angela's to see all the other beautiful quilts!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Your Low Volume Plus quilt blocks look SEW pretty!! Not sure why, but I really like gray, too... even though it doesn't often make it into my quilts.

PaulaB quilts said...

If you can't do greys on the grey background, why not choose a different color entirely. The quilt would probably benefit from it, rather than being a UFO. I know you will think up something good.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I pretty much skipped out on the August colors. Very little dusky purple in my stash and I am not fond of grays ... Why not substitute in one of your favorite colors?

Deb A said...

You could do a dark grey or black with your grey background.... good luck. Hope you fall is better than the summer but great news that your crops were successful.

gayle said...

Summer really does slurp up all your time, doesn't it? Hopefully you'll get a chance to stop and take a deep breath soon!

scraphappy said...

Good luck working around the grey problem for the row by row. Hopefully inspiration will strike


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