Saturday, January 09, 2016

the quilter's post of shame...

RSC14 was so successful for me (my first year participating)- it was just the inspiration and accountability that I needed to "tame" all my scraps and fabric, and begin to use them. using a color a month, and piecing a pile of blocks seems to work really well for me, so I jumped in. during RSC14 I made 8 (throw size) quilts: one for each of my children, one particular favorite that I couldn't part with, and a color wheel quilt for my sewing room wall.
so when RSC15 rolled around I jumped in even more whole-heartedly, and tried to make all the quilts. with piecing a particular block(s) each month, in a particular color, things rolled along pretty smoothly until December. then it was Time. To. Put. All. The. Quilts. Together.
smokey cats, batman! a tad bit overwhelming, it was... so here's my list of RSC15 quilts that will be completed into tops as part of my RSC16.
in no particular order:

scrappy 16 patches, using my favorite fabrics, and tan/cream neutrals. even though I only picked out my favorite fabrics, I still ended up with 188 blocks! sheesh...

the zig zag quilt. (sorry about the upside down picture) I have all the colors, and plan to make 2 quilts- vertical and horizontal zig zags.

crumby strips. I still have the green ones to piece, and still not quite sure what i'll do for the layout of this quilt. I'm thinking a diagonal set at the very least... maybe something like this?

these Split 4 Patches are made from 3" squares from my suitcase of squares. they look super cute when completed, but I think they're a pain in the dooopy to make... I still have about 16 S4P to cut and sew back together, and then this quilt will be ready to assemble....

a special pile of 16 patches- I'm making a quilt for my table at farmer's market. you can read more about this quilt here.

my monochromatic 4 patches. not sure what I want to do with these, either, but there's always my pinterest RSC board for inspiration, but here's another layout that I like.

there are still a few more blocks lurking around: like the RSC15 sampler (just need to do the X blocks for that one...)  my bright scrappy trips (bonnie hunter's pattern) and my red stars.
as part of my RSC16 sewing, i'll be doing *approximately* a top a month to complete all these started and unfinished RSC15 piles of blocks. and you can keep me accountable, too!


Deanna said...

You got a lot done. I find that sometimes I work in stages--a lot of piecing, followed by a lot of sashing, followed by a lot of quilting, and then a lot of binding. This will all turn into quilts quickly. You have the hard part finished already.

PaulaB quilts said...

Catching up sounds like a good plan. What I like about RSC is its flexibility. Folks don't feel tied to a certain format, so why should you? We still love hearing from you whatever you're doing. Keep up the good work!

Edith said...

Wow, you have a lot of Rainbow quilts on the go and finishing up will be so satisfying. This year I hope to finish some up as well.

The Joyful Quilter said...

No shame in that rainbow scrappy fun!! You'll put the quilts together... EVENTUALLY (just like I will with the bajillion blocks I made last year.)

Raewyn said...

Good luck with a new year of scrappy sewing!! No shame at all about them overflowing from one year to the next - I also have plenty of scrappy projects on the go and I live in hope that I'll make progress on some of them this year!


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