Tuesday, December 15, 2015

oh, woe is me...

it's been quiet here (did anybody notice? if not, that's ok...) I'm heading into Day #15 of being sick. with mono. not fun, that's for sure. I sewed a tiny little bit on my RSC15 Rainbow sampler on November 30, and then it's been all downhill from there.
kind of reminds me of a saying on my Charlie Brown pillowcase from when I was a little girl: CB was laying in bed with a TV propped on his stomach and he was saying "happiness is being too sick to go to school, but not too sick to watch TV."
well, according to that, things have not been happy here. I haven't stepped foot into my sewing room in almost 2 weeks! I've been mostly hanging out in the sofa, with a few intervals of absolutely necessary errands/chores/obligations sprinkled in here and there...
and here's another big bummer: clue #3 is out for Bonnie's mystery, and I can't even wonder around bloggy land, or I'll give away the secret for myself! I saw clue #2 (I looked at it, hoping to convince myself that I really was well enough to sew.) nope. didn't happen. I never did do the picture of my fabrics- pretty standard, though, Kona grey and my only substitution is salmon pink for her red/burgundy. I'm excited to see how they'll all play together.
so, the moral of the story is: I think I might be on the upswing (the blogger says hopefully, with great confidence) and ready to
#1: cook my family a real dinner
#2: finish decorating the house
#3: catch up on BH mystery quilt
#4: finish a couple of my RSC15 quilts
#5: spend time with my two sweet little girls, who have been so helpful and kind while I've been under the weather.
thanks for stopping by! I hope to be back soon, with progress to report, and pictures!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Go slowly - concentrate on the essentials and let the other items wait for a month or so. My sister had mono and so have I - not fun at all.


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