Saturday, December 19, 2015

feeling better, but not making much progress!

I was procrastinating on the X setting squares of the RSC15 sampler. all the stars, with crumb block centers have been done for a while now, but it was those X squares that were holding me back. (note to self: procrastination never gets you anywhere...)

I laid out all my star blocks on the sewing room floor, and started tediously diligently making each X block- knowing full well that I'd be very pleased and thrilled with how the sampler turned out. all the ones that I've seen on the Saturday linkys are great- so I plugged along. (and promptly made a mistake on the first X. can you see it?)

I made more progress than what is shown here; forgot to take a picture. after getting a good start on the second row, I somehow managed to come down with mono, which halted all sewing for 2+ weeks. ( I really was sick- not even a stich of sewing for nearly 2 weeks!) when I went back to my routine and habit of evening sewing, that's how my family knew that I was truly better! 

I've been participating in RSC for 3 years now (and looking forward to the 4th year!) and my suitcase of squares is not getting any emptier! Millie looks so cute in there, all snuggled up, but a comfy cat makes for messy piles of squares!

RSC16 is ready to start, and we're thinking of next year, too! the new little laying hens came on Wednesday- all 60 of them in a box- just like chicken nuggets! we get our new hens (Red Prods) so early since we need them to be laying in time for our first CSA boxes on June 2. we also sell a flock share, along with the veggie/farm share, so our hens need to be ready to go much earlier than most.
I'm looking forward to starting again with RSC16, and have a few blocks in mind that I plan on doing. however, I will say that a certain blogger that I know quite well may have bit off more than she can chew as far as RSC15 is/was concerned. not counting the RSC15 sampler, I may (or may not) have 6 more RSC15 quilts/blocks in the queue! (and that's NOT including the 3 quilts- crumb and 9 patch that I've already completed!)  ack! talk about overwhelming! add to that the fact that each one of them needs to be laid out/twiddled with on the design wall, and there is not much relaxing sewing in my foreseeable future!
so for RSC16, I definitely plan on finishing all of those RSC15 quilts that I started- just at a more relaxed pace- I know I can't do 6 flimsies in a month! and I've pared down my list of blocks that i'll be doing each month for RSC16.  3 years of RSCing has thought me that it's not possible to use. all. the. fabrics. when I started RSC, I thought about having so much fabric, and I was wanting to use it. not use it up, per se, but really work through that stash. but after more thought, and even more sewing, I'm looking at my fabrics as more of a resource... just like the food in my freezers, or the canning jars all lined up on shelves in the cellar. I don't hurry up to eat all the food to empty my shelves and freezer- so it's the same for the fabrics.
I'm putting my fabrics to good use- I know what I have, and I enjoy piecing for myself, my family and my favorite charities. and this year, i'll be thinking of RSC more as a marathon than a sprint.


scraphappy said...

Sounds like you have a great attitude about using your fabric without trying to use it all up. Looking forward to seeing those quilts come together when they are ready. 6 quilts in a month does seem like a lot! Glad you are feeling better, just in time to enjoy the holidays.

Mari said...

I totally sympathize! Somehow the RSC projects get ahead of me too. But at some point you'll have beautiful quilts from the deal! Enjoy the finishing--however long it takes!

gayle said...

You and I should start a 'We Bite off more than we can chew' club... 8)
I've never understood the 'use it up for the sake of using it up' school of thought, either. Did Picasso ever say 'I've got too much paint, so I have to use it up'?

LA Paylor said...

are you talking about me lol!!! I'm right there with you sister.
Personally I cannot see a mistake in your block. If it doesn't upset the piecing, just keep going.

I had mono twice, it's no joke. It traveled with meningitis once too.

The kitten and chicks are toooooo sweet. Thanks for the pics.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I wouldn't call your first X Block a mistake. I think that you simply allowed for added interest in your quilt!!

PaulaB quilts said...

I agree with Joy and Leeanna. It is just your personal touch on the quilt. Congrats on deciding to scale back this year. With your busy family and farm, you should look forward to the quilting as relaxation from turmoil. Good going on all you did get done.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

I admire your tenacity! and your work with CSAs. That is a handful to be sure. Enjoy the process and happy piecing along to your own rhythm and time.

katie z. said...

I'm trying to contain myself on new projects for next year!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful post -- scraps take on lives of their own and all we can do is enjoy the ride :-)


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