Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Putting all those blocks to good use. Finally.

just like last week when I showed you all my completed 16 patches it's quite surprising how many 9 patches I have, too! enough to do 2 (TWO!) quilts, with more than a dozen blocks left over!

here's my first quilt from my 9 patch blocks. this one I plan to keep. what will I do with it, and where will I put it? I've no idea! (and don't worry: I took off all the row label stickers, AND fixed the green block)

now I'm auditioning borders. tell me what you think.

without borders, this quilt is about 75". in the picture above, I pinned up the Kona white to the design board, and *sort of* laid out a border. I was planning on doing a 2½" (finished) border, with scrappy squares all around, and then another 2½" (finished) border.
although, now that I look at it, I'm wondering if I should not just continue the colors out into the border, completing the patterns, so to speak.
tell me what you think...

here's the second quilt from my 9 patches. I'm absurdly thrilled and pleased with this one. not sure why, but I think it's really cool! the idea for the layout came from Cyndy, and is loosely (?) based on her offset log cabin layout. I figured if you could do it with log cabins, why not 9 patches? this will be a charity quilt, and the backing is red fabric with knots.

and just in case you're not firmly convinced that I'm truly the Captain of the Crazy Train, here's another Christmas quilt that's almost done. all scrappy 4 patches- a huge conglomeration of reds, greens, yellows and white. (and honest- this isn't a new project- I sketched it out in my journal way back in January! honest...)
also: in the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to point out that it was not on purpose that I forgot to tell you that this week we *might have* bought a spinning wheel, and are earnestly beginning the project of carding and spinning Helga's wool. (our Icelandic sheep) ahem.
I still (and always will) consider myself a quilter first, and farmer second, but both my little girls A and B have been wanting to learn how to spin. so: here we go! I've learned the rudimentary basics right along with them, and this will be a long term, on going project. in the meantime they, and our mouser cat Millie, are thrilled with our new "knitting nook"


Cathy said...

Your two quilts are gorgeous!! I love them both, and think that making four-patches or nine-patches on the side, just because, is a great idea. I love both of your layouts!!

Angie said...

I love how both of your quilts turned out! Being a fan of the humble 9 patch, I'm definitely planning to try your variation next year. I'm also a fan of multi-color pieced borders such as you've started. They make a nice finishing touch. Good luck with spinning! I tried to learn to use a drop spindle, but I think I'm too old to really "get" the eye-hand coordination. Starting young will probably work great for your daughters!

gayle said...

I love both your quilts! (I'm such a nine patch fan!) I like the random colors border, but I'm a random kind of gal, so take that for what it's worth.
I taught myself to spin, both with spindle and wheel, from watching videos on the internet and practicing relentlessly. (It's probably easier with a teacher, but that wasn't an option for me. I didn't know anyone who could spin, so had no one to ask.) It's really a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, so persevere through the early stages. It gets easier, I promise! (Take it from someone who once hit herself in the nose with a spindle while learning. Yeah, I don't know how I managed that either...) If I can help, drop me an email!

scraphappy said...

Two great quilts! I love the idea of extending the pattern into the border -- always a fun way to finish a quilt.

PaulaB quilts said...

Those quilts amazed me. I have never seen 9-patches that look like log cabin blocks, a great idea. The pattern carried into the border would give it a nice finish I think. Congrats on two whole quilts! The girls look like Little House on the Prairie, so sweet.

Dasha said...

Love the layout of the second quilt. I quite like the idea of the pattern extending out to the border on the first quilt, but what you have on the design wall works well too. Perhaps you could do a mock up of that before you chose.

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, either solution to the border question would be great. Sorry I can't help you with that! How cool to have two quilts come out of your blocks!

Sheila said...

Wow! I love both your colorful blocks!


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