Saturday, October 03, 2015

Tell me true!

* we went away last weekend: to the beach in Wildwood, NJ. it was a relaxing time, and the weather was even co-operative! the girls were able to play in the water, and build sand castles. (when we went in March, the weather was 37degrees, and bitterly cold and windy. such is the life of a farmer...) I missed the linky, but I'd still love your opinion! *

I'm pretty sure nobody reads my blog except for the Saturday morning link ups with soscrappy for RSC15. (my MIL doesn't even read my blog anymore! how sad is that?!)

... but it's worth a shot anyway...

here is the *tentative* layout for my JustGottaMakeIt Red Christmas Stars. sorry for the crappy kindle picture- definitely not a strong selling point for the kindle...
I really wanted the stars to be off-set and random~ and no 2 stars are alike! the fabrics vary widely- from vegetables, geometrics, flowers and novelty prints. there are a few Christmas prints thrown in just for good measure. while I was laying out the quilt, I also wanted to avoid (as much as possible) lining up the sawtooth star points. except for the middle row, I managed to do that.
as you're looking at this picture, the right hand side of the picture is the top of the quilt, the left is the bottom. the partial star at the top will have prairie points in the binding to complete that star.
one of the things that really has me doubting is the lightest of the backgrounds- seen in the lower left of this picture. there are actually 4 different cream/gold prints, and 3 of them are nearly identical.

SO: tell me what you think: is the layout to weird? is the negative space odd? and I definitely need to replace those too light background rectangles, right?

give it to me straight- I can take it!


Craftyheart2 said...

Hi Jennifer
I like your layout but those three strips do stand out a bit. Maybe swap them out.

I read your blog whenever I am reminded about it by seeing it down the side of someone else's as well as from RSC updates.

Julie C
Tasmania, Australia

Marly said...

Hello Jennifer
I like the layout as a whole; it's varied, and the neutral squares help to make it random. I'd certainly change those light rectangles as they jump out too much. You could maybe replace them, but perhaps distributing them more around the quilt would balance it better.

Magpie Sue said...

I love the idea of off-setting the stars for a staggered setting. I also think your idea to make prairie points to complete the partial stars is brilliant. (Not something I would ever attempt!) You're right, the sashing strips you have laid in place are too light. Otherwise, it's too hard to tell from the photo how the rest of the backgrounds look relative to each other. I think you're on the right track, keep going!

Julierose said...

Well, i will be reading it every time you post as i am going to "follow" you on bloglovin- my paternal Grand-pere had a dairy farm in Lisbon, CT--so i am interested in all things "farm" oriented. -hugs, Julierose


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