Saturday, January 31, 2015

finally! on to a new color *she says with relief...*

I  know that blue is a popular color, but really- I  had no idea I! we just did blue in November for pete's sake! where did it all come from?

since my blues are all stored together, I did all the shades of blue, as you can see below. navy, slate, teal, and sky blue.

it literally took me all month to get "done" although I still have to do 2 sawtooth stars (with 2 navy blue crumb blocks) and the 2 (?) connecting blocks. I'll get them done soon.

one of the things that I'm doing to work through all (most) (a lot?) of my fabrics is to sort through each basket as Angela calls the color of the month. anything smaller than ½ yard goes to be cut up- into 3" blocks, or 2½" strips. smaller pieces go into the crumb jars. if I really don't like the fabric, I'm putting it in my donate pile.

I've also gone through all my leftover fabric and stashed pieces from previous quilts (some made as many as 20 years ago. yikes!) I've cycled all those leftover bits back into the "let's use it up, or get rid of it" pile.

I had planned on making an Xstrippy quilt, but after making a test block, I decided that I was not what I wanted after all. so I'm going for this look instead. the rectangles are 9½" X 4½", and the squares are 4½".

here are my strips for the Zig Zag Quilt I plan on making- both the horizontal AND vertical one. thankfully I printed out the pattern when it first caught my eye- seems it's no longer available for free! I'll piece 7 strip sets in each color, using scrappy whites. (these are 2½" strips.)

I have my pink squares all cut out- I got some from my suitcase, and went through my pink basket, and pulled leftover pinks from other projects. thankfully there was not too much! I like pink, but I guess I don't sew with too much of that particular color!

and lastly: here's a pile of 100 different 2½" strips that I pulled from my strip bins. ( I didn't count them yet, but I'll add to them until there are 100 different fabrics.) ages ago I printed out this pattern.  With scrappy tans as the sashing and inner border, I'm excited at how it will turn out!

SO: that's enough to keep me busy for a while- at least until it's time to start the tomatoes!


Nanna said...

yea for you for getting ahead start on pink, love you blue blocks


Scrappy quilter said...

Love all you've done with your blues. I look forward to seeing what you do with pinks.

Jennie in GA said...

Whew! My head is spinning. You are going to be one busy girl!

Sheila said...

Love your scrappy blue blocks. Most excellent start on your pink scraps.


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