Thursday, October 03, 2013

some of us work better under pressure, i guess!

Judy over at Patchwork Times has been hosting a mystery quilt this year, a Mystery Medallion. Crazy lady that I am, I've been participating. What with the garden and all, I had fallen behind way back in July, and this week I've been working really, REALLY hard to catch up.

Finally- I'm caught up, and I'm even looking forward to working on October's clue. (I'm SO glad it's a star- I thought it might be another economy block!)

I have it on good authority that we'll be doing another mystery quilt next year, so make plans now to jump on in! it was lots of fun, and it's nice to do a quilt that is different from what you/I might normally do.

make sure to look at all the other Mystery Medallions linked up over at Judy's. it's a good lesson in how different fabric choices, both color AND value, can make the same quilt look very different.


Barb in Mi said...

It looks beautiful - I love your color choices!

Kate said...

Very bright and bold jewel tones! It's been fun to see how this quilt looks in all different colorways. Nicely done!


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