Friday, February 01, 2013

i think i'm having WAY more fun than i should be allowed to have!

i think it was this summer that we got a new local quilt shop (LQS) in the next little town over. i wasn't able to shop there until fall and killing frost, and the gardens were nearly done.
but- it was worth the wait. what wonderful, colorful and modern fabrics! I've had fun occasionally heading over there- just to see what she has, and to see what fun, new fabrics have come in.

after Christmas i was there for something (can't even remember what) and with total impusivity, i bought a book Sunday Morning Quilts. Moving and organizing the sewing room was a project high on the list of  Things That Must Get Done Before It Drives Me Crazy, and after emptying, cleaning and painting the whole room, i was finally able to unpack the sewing room from the attic.
did i mention that it had been a full five years AND MORE since i had packed up my sewing room before we moved here?
i began sorting, storing, de-stashing, sharing and plain old throwing away: fabrics, books, notions, fabric, UFO's, fabric...
i have (had) a large bin of scraps and strips that I'd been faithfully saving for some day. of course, that day never seemed to come, and the pile was very unruly, and even discouraging in its unorganized mess.
when i saw this book, i was so happy to take it home-  i followed most of the suggestions, and sorted all my scraps into colorways. ( i even gave myself permission to throw away some outdated/poor quality fabrics!)
I've gotten several ideas and inspiration from some quilts in the book that I'd like to combine into a quilt of my own.
now, I've been working at piecing crumb blocks in very specific colorways, and it's fun! i can sit down in an evening and make almost a dozen 6½" blocks in almost no time at all.
of course, having a neat, tidy and organized sewing room is a great help in the inspiration department! I'll have to get pictures up of that soon.

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