Monday, December 13, 2010

just a little more info on the Calendar Quilt...

I've had some requests to post the picture of the original quilt here, for easy reference. i know it's sideways, but you still get the idea... (and remember, you can click on any of these pictures to make them bigger)

if you're just visiting, or stopping by for the first time, you can find the original post about our 2011 Friendship Quilter's Calendar Quilt here.

starting in the lower left hand corner, progressing to the upper right, is a block to represent each month of the year.

here are the fabrics that I've chosen for my quilt this time around- all solids. all kona cotton.

brick. amber. yarrow. celadon. candy blue. berry. black.

I'm mostly happy with the colors that I've chosen- although i would have liked to go a bit more nontraditional. however, the store where i got them has a limited amount of the kona cotton solids, so i guess i have to be happy with what i can get. (besides, all these fabrics were 40% off! how great is that?)

additionally, it was requested to have a blank copy of the FQ Calendar quilt for you to print off and color.

and remember:

  • you can jump in at any time
  • it's free to participate!
  • please feel free to ask questions if I've left anything out
  • it's going to be so much fun!
  • just do a search for FQ calendar quilt, and you'll get a listing of all the posts for the quilt

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