Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Baby B thinks Beets are the Best!

one of our more successful and popular crops this year was beets. as in Detroit dark red beets.

they were popular with the customers- both as beet greens and baby beets.

but most of all the beets were adored by B. she loves beets. LOVES. BEETS.

the first time i took her out to the garden to help me harvest beets, she had a great time. the look of wonder on her face when she pulled her first beet out of the ground is a look I'll never forget.

more amazingly, she had that same look of amazement every time she pulled out another beet. every. single. time.

we made a few quarts and pints of pickled beets for the winter, but B couldn't wait. she wanted a bowlful of buttered beets right away.

most people in our family don't like pickled beets, but rather the pickled eggs that traditionally go with them.

however, i think i should have done some more pickling of our produce this year. just yesterday B ate a whole pint of kosher dill spears- nearly single handedly!

next year i guess i should plan on planting more beets and cukes!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am going to try growing beets next year. I LOVE them SO much,especially candied beets or "Harvard Beets" as my Aunt Mary used to call them. :)

Love the baby in the bibbed overalls! Too precious!


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