Friday, April 30, 2010

L & G2 Report~ week 4

busy week, of course. even though it's only May 1 (!), I'm taking advantage of the warmer weather and our close proximity to the creek and planting more and more things out.

yesterday we planted the cherry and grape tomatoes in the little "kitchen garden" right outside the back door. it's very handy to have those tomatoes so close- with everyone coming in and out that door, it really helps keep the tomatoes picked. also, it's close and easy to cover them when the frost comes. some of the tomato plants even have blossoms on them!

the spinach and lettuce in the high tunnel are doing super! we pick and pick and pick, and still there is more...

the 2nd, 3rd and 4th plantings of lettuce, spinach and radishes are coming along very well. we'll have an abundance of lettuce for many weeks to come.

the peas in the high tunnel have blossoms! how amazing is that? i guess soon we'll have fresh peas as well.

the raised beds are really coming along nicely, and with the rain we just had this week, so are the weeds! the peas, beets and carrots are all up and strong.

today we'll try to get the remaining 100lbs of potatoes planted: 50 Yukon gold and 50 red Pontiac.

both the tractor shed and wood shed have a robin's nest. the girls like it when daddy lifts them up to peek inside at the eggs. (I'm glad the nests are in the sheds this year. last year a robin built a nest on the front porch, and that was a nuisance.)

Thursday G and i traveled down home, and i took the opportunity to stop at our favorite greenhouse. i came home with 2 flats peppers, 2 flats of tomatoes, 2 flats begonias, 1 flat gazania daises and 30 grape, cherry, pink and yellow tomatoes.

i guess it's pretty obvious what we'll be doing next week!

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Angie said...

The girls look so cute in their bibbed overalls. :)

I want to come live with you :) All those veggies...yum!


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