Tuesday, December 08, 2009

in which the blogger rambles on a bit, and also hops up on the soapbox

can i just say that we live in a really strange world?

'cause maybe you won't realize that unless i tell you.

remember the other day when i told you about our new Christmas family tradition, the Jesse Tree? when i googled "Jesse Tree" to find some suggestions about our ornaments, there were results of well over 1 million. actually, it was closer to 1, 060,000.

today we butchered our pig.

or maybe to be more accurate, today we slaughtered our pig. the butchering part comes tomorrow.

and now you're wondering if there really is a point to this post?

it's coming, just hold on a sec...

anyway, i saved the pig stomach. because Dave likes hog maw. i never even heard of it until i married him, but apparently it's a local delicacy that he grew up eating. or something like that.

and because I'm a really good wife like that.


now i have this really disgusting thing sitting in a bowl in my refrigerator.

and i don't quite know what to do with it.

so i did what any modern, technologically savvy person would do. i googled "preparing a pig stomach for hog maw"

and i got 4,130,000 results. four million, one hundred thirty thousand results.

like i said, it's a very strange world that we live in.

and that thing is still sitting in a bowl in my fridge.


Muthering Heights said...

I'm kind of scared to ask...what's "hog maw?"

Jennifer said...

glad you asked! it's a pennsylvania dutch dish. basically, it's a cleaned out pig stomach stuffed with loose sausage, diced potatoes and onions, and S&P.

yum...dontcha just wish you could have one for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Wow! is all I have to say. You are very brave. I would be in tears at the thought of preparing a pig's stomach.....you are my hero!


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