Saturday, June 13, 2009

open for business!

for a while now, Dave has been wanting me to advertise that i make and sell quilts. (or if you want to be really highbrow about it, you could say that you desire to commission me to design and sew you a future family heirloom.)

although we really do live rurally, we live right next to a major north/south thoroughfare. so, today with G's help, i hung out my shingle!

while not every quilt that i may display will actually be for sale, i hope both the sign and colorful quilt hanging on the porch rail will prompt people to stop and inquire. perhaps i can have the privilege and blessing of making them their own quilt, in a design and colors that they've chosen.

at least that's the plan!


Milah said...

Nothing says welcome more than a quilt hanging outside! I'm sure it will bring some business.;D

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have to have a billboard sign that says (Hand made Quilts made to order) or something like that. Can't be AMISH MADE, but you could say (Mennonite made)!!! Ha Ha

Wanda said...

Your home is coming along really great...Good idea too about the quilts...Good luck Jennifer!


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