Friday, June 12, 2009

look how far we've come!

while I've been focusing mainly on the gardens, Dave has been rolling right along with the siding project. we've got quite a bit done, and i thought that you'd like to see what we've accomplished!

here are M and G, stubbornly refusing a picture my two camera shy workers.

they're working on the front porch

baby B helps dada lay out the starter strip

even A helps by handing the siding M has cut to G

M looks like she's having tons of fun!

B will quickly find any unattended and forgotten ladder and zip right up to the top!

oops! i must have accidentally uploaded this, but you can see that B and A really love their water table. we play with it nearly every day.

we've started on the front of the house now

once the starter strip is laid out, and all the corner pieces and j-channel are on, the siding itself goes very quickly.

here is the addition almost completely sided, as well as the south facing portion of the house. the shutters are also on, and we are amazed at what a huge difference it makes in the appearance of the house. it's very encouraging, and motivates us to finish the rest of the transformation.

here's a view of the porch~ the door is painted, the shutters are on, and the porch railing is finished being painted.

these next few pictures will be a shock to your vision!

this is how the house looked on the day that we *almost* bought it. (due to problems with the deed, we didn't close until a week later)
here is the back view

and the view of the addition and front porch. notice the many windows, as well as the many random large rocks lying about.

18 months later and we're all pleased with how well the house is turning out. (we will side the remaining portion of this side of the house after we replace the rooves. roof on both the addition and the main part of the house.


Annette said...

That is awesome!

MarmiteToasty said...

I cant remember how I stumbled through the door of your blob, but Ive just spend over an hour, reading and scrolling back........ beautiful.... tiz truely beautiful here...



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