Thursday, June 04, 2009

it's the grocery store for country folk!

even though we live quite rurally, we are fortunate to live very close to our local feed mill, Shaffer's.

it's a good thing, because there are some weeks when I'm there several times.

our Cornish X meat birds have eaten over 1500 lbs. of feed in the last 12 weeks.. the pigs, laying hens, rabbit, ducks and wild birds can also eat quite a bit, making it a challenge to assure that there is always food on hand for them.

A loves to come with me, mostly because of the lolly pop she will surely receive, and knowing the the neighbor's cat will most likely come over to visit.

even though we have the very same lolly pops at home, and a very needy affectionate cat of our own, A always looks forward to zipping across the bridge and making a brief foray into town.

A will climb the steps of the old loading dock, push open the creaky door and tramp across the wooden floor in her work boots. she's right at home in her overalls, and can politely ask for her lolly pop from the clerk.

i love the small town friendliness and camaraderie that welcomes us, and enjoy this special outing with A.

and that's a good thing, since i often spend more at the feed mill than at the grocery store!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hehe...that kitty looks like he's about ready to take a lick of that lolly himself. :)


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