Tuesday, June 16, 2009

as far as the eye can see...

yesterday we took the time to go strawberry picking with friends from church, Ben and Korlissa. M and G were able to come and help, and of course we took A and B.

the picking was great~ and the weather was very co-operative as well. since it was an overcast day, we weren't baking and sweating in the hot sun!

since this is A's second year as a strawberry picker, she was an old hand at it, and did very well. i was so proud when she picked the whole bucketful herself! she was quite proud, too.

initially B hung right close to my elbow, but quickly discovered that she really likes strawberries. she would hold out her little quart box to me and say "strawberry, mama!" I'd oblige her and plop one in, and she'd just as quickly pop the strawberry into her mouth. as she became more comfortable with the strawberry field, she would wander into her own row. as i would glance up, i could see her little head just sticking up over the plants as she intently searched for her own strawberries.

judging from the red lips and fingers of the little girls, they ate nearly their weight in fresh strawberries yesterday!

a handful of yummy, fresh berries!

40 quarts of fresh strawberries~ but now that we have them home, the work really begins!

* first order of business- strawberry shortcake for dinner. that's an annual family tradition.

* 2 strawberry pies, using the recipe from Dave's Aunt Velma.

Aunt Velma's Strawberry Jello Pie

1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup water
1/4 cup corn starch

combine sugar, water and corn starch in small sauce pan. cook until thick, stirring constantly. Add~ 3 oz. strawberry jello. pour into cooked pie crust with fresh halved strawberries. refrigerate until cool and set.

*42 pints freezer jelly

*2 quarts freezer jelly (for G to take along to Creation '09)

*8 bags (2 quarts) frozen whole berries for pie

(Korlissa promised to give me the recipe at church on Sunday, so I'll share it with you then.)

* I put 3 quarts of berries in the fridge to eat fresh- on salads, cereal or on ice cream. of course, those are already nearly gone!

with G's diligent help, we had nearly all the berries processed and frozen before 11PM last night. i'm grateful for his help, and we'll all be glad for the pies and jelly during the long, cold winter!

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Angie said...

Wow, that's a lot of berries. Where did you go picking? We usually go to the patch in Greenslanding. Lee's Berry Farm.
But last year they weren't the greatest.


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