Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the transformation has begun!

last week Dave decided that The Time Has Now Come To Begin the siding project. we've had boxes of siding, inside and outside corners and J channel sitting in our cellar for many months now. (taking up much room that could be used to store more junk more efficiently)

siding is a relatively easy and quick home improvement project that greatly improves the way the house looks by leaps and bounds. the tedious part is laying out the starter strips, corners and edges. however, once that part is done, the actual siding just flies on.

this is right off the back porch. i plan on having a "kitchen garden" right here, full of cherry and grape tomatoes, as well as basil. (that's' so we can have lots of fresh pesto and tomatoes with noodles. yum!)

so far it's looking great! I'm anxious for this project to be done, and i guess G and I will be learning how to hang siding, as Dave can use all the help he can get!


Annette said...

I can't wait to see the end result!

John said...

You need to take a Florida vacation, so Dave can help me with some of my "around the house" projects.....although compared to yours, my "projects" seem rather lame......but unfortunately, I fix helicopters alot better than houses......


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