Sunday, May 17, 2009

NOT a little bit of "peace and be quiet"

even though things are often super busy around here, i try to make as much time for A as i can. she is eager to learn, and picks up the basics quite fast. she likes when i give her "school" to do, and i like to oblige her in that regard.

she will come to me and say "momma, i want to do something that i want to do" meaning that she wants for me to give her some school project to work on.

I've been wondering around to different blogs and gleaning some "tot school" ideas, and came up with this variation last week.

i cut out 5 circles and on one side wrote the color. then on the other i traced a shape and wrote the name of the shape. (i have a jar of shapes that i got at the thrift store last year for $1~ there are tons of possibilities!)

then both girls sat at the little table to sort. A did understand the concept of what she was to do, but very quickly lost interest for some reason. B was interested, but too young to complete the sorting. unfortunately, it took me much longer to prepare the activity than the time that A actually spent doing it!

so chalk up another cold cup of coffee for mom.

1 comment:

Wanda said...

That's just like children...then another day they might sit there for hours doing that same thing.


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