Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hands down, the Big Brother Of The Year Award goes to...

a few weeks ago i was browsing through our local Ben Franklin and came across a pattern to make a horse swing. on impulse, i bought it and brought it home to show Dave and G. my next step was a trip to Lowe's to buy all the lumber and materials necessary to complete the swing.

i then gave the pattern to G, and asked him to make the swing for the girls. along with a 6' piece of treated lumber there was a pile of nuts, bolts and washers, a dowel rod or two and a mop head. G was happy to tackle this project for his little sisters, and with a minimum of instruction and involvement from Dave and i he had soon finished the project.

the girls have already had many happy hours swinging together, and i see lots more swinging in our future for the summer! they both know that G made the swing for them, and they were so sweet in their thankfulness, making sure to give him a hug and a cheerful "thank you, G!" when i put B on the horse, she will pat the mane and say "G!"

I'm proud of G. he built the swing, and he built it well. but more importantly, he loves his sisters and shows them every day how special they are to him.

that is one of the greatest gifts that he can give these two little girls who love and admire their big brother.

and it's a wonderful gift for his mother, too. it warms my heart whenever i see him being tender and thoughtful to his baby sisters. it shows what a kind heart he has. and that makes me even prouder!


Anonymous said...

awww... that is so sweet. He did such an awesome job. He could have quite a profitable business, if he ever decides to sell his products.

Joyce said...

A loving, hard-working son is such a blessing! It blesses me to hear of his love to his sisters.


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