Wednesday, April 01, 2009

pandemonium- it's just a normal day around here!

i love homeschooling my children, and after 11 years i feel confident in what we're doing and in the quality of education that they are receiving.

however, adding 2 little girls into the mix has definitely muddied up the waters more than a little bit!

I'm thankful that by the time A and B came along, every one already knew how to read, cursive writing and long division.

I'll be honest and confess that it can be sheer pandemonium around our house sometimes. between babies sitting on the schoolroom table, toddlers running off with any unguarded pen or pencil, and squealing girls pounding on the piano, it's a wonder that some days G and N even remember how to spell their own name!


Angie said...

That sounds so familiar. Everyday I hear Alex yelling, "Nater's distracting me!"

Annette said...

The pictures of the little ones are adorable! I grew up in Bradford Cty...mostly Rome, but am a bit all over it when we come to visit since my dad lives in Rome still, mom in Athens, and sister and husband's grandparents in Warren Center. We have "plans" to retire there when Derek is done working one day. It's your country living pictures show!


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