Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday- the universal laundry day

Julie, one of my favorite bloggers over at OCTAMOM, was blogging today about balance. as in, how hard it is to balance all our responsibilities as wives, mothers, teachers and home keepers. i say a big, hearty amen to that!

while i may be doing well in some aspects of my home management, laundry can so quickly get away from me. i don't know what in the world happened, but just today i have:

* dirty laundry in baskets

* wet clothes in the washer

* clean, dry clothes on the line

* dirty, sorted clothes in the laundry room

* dry clothes in the dryer

* clean, dry clothes on the drying rack

* piles of laundry on the bed, waiting to be folded

* wet clothes hanging on the line

* clean, dry clothes in baskets waiting to be folded

* wet clothes waiting to be hung on the line

i think that maybe I'll forget about getting a cleaning lady, and get a laundress instead. I'll talk to Dave about it when he gets home. that is, if I'm not buried under a mountain of laundry!


Wanda said...

It does pile up fast...when you have children.
Thats just one of the advantages to getting older...less laundry to do...:)

Octamom said...

Ain't it the truth, Girl, ain't it the truth! Love your thoughts on this topic!


One Mom said...

Monday used to be wash day a week! How did they do it!?

Joyce said...

Hi, Jennifer,

This is my first time visiting your blog. What a busy lady your are!

I wrote a post from Julie's prompt also. Please come read it if you like.

I sympathize with the laundry thing, having raised nine children. Well, four children are still at home, but they are well grown now and big helpers to me. Hang in there!


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