Thursday, April 09, 2009

if I'm sitting at the computer... inside...

... then I'm not outside doing all the stuff that i have to do. or doing all the stuff that i have to do inside.

things are busy around here, (did i mention that already?) and it's not that i don't have stuff to write about. or stuff to tell you.

but if I'm writing, and not doing, then there is no stuff to tell you about, and I'm not getting my stuff done.

i haven't forgotten about all you faithful readers. I'll tell you about the stuff we're doing now when i catch up on my stuff.

stuff. stuff. stuff. that's a neat word that starts to sound weird if you say it enough times in a row.

'nuff said.


Grandpa said...

Hey, sounds like you don't know if you are comming or going !!!!!
Better sit down and get your self together. Ha Ha
Or better yet--- ask Annie Ha Ha


Wanda said...

Get all your stuff you can have enuff stuff to blog about...cause that interesting enuff stuff...for all of us to wait on...but it will be ruff but I guess that's tuff! :( Sorry...just couldn't resist Jennifer! :)


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