Tuesday, March 10, 2009

this works great for me!

we love getting all the photographs and yearly updates from far-flung friends and relatives every year at Christmas time. it's nice to stay in touch, and hear about what thier family has been doing, and listen good naturedly to some bragging about their children's accomplishments. i display all the cards in the archway of the living room, and we enjoy looking at them all season long.

but after it's time to take down the tree and pack away all the nativity scenes, it seems a shame to put away all those cute pictures of our friends and their families. (and if their family is anything like ours, i know that it can be a nightmare getting a nice picture of all your children in the very same photograph. someone is either not looking, blinking, or itching their nose...)

in order to enjoy these photographs for much longer, i display them on the inside of my kitchen cupboard. i just taped them up with painter's tape, and whenever i open up the door, some of my dearest friends are there smiling out at me! (i also like to do this because it doesn't clutter up the front of the refrigerator) i've also found that this is a good place to display some of the children's artwork, as well.

for more great tips, pop on over to Kristin's site, and maybe you'll find some ideas that will work for you!


Elizabeth Symington said...

wow, bizarre. I just figured the same thing out this week. I'm a huge fan of the inside of cupboards. ;-)

Holly said...

I never would have thought of that. Great idea!

Wanda said...

That is creative thinking Jennifer! I have attacked schedules and various lists, but never thought to do that. I don't like cluttered refrigerators either. My daughter-in-law once left me a birthday note taped on the back of the coffee cup cabinet door. Thanks for your comment also!

Redclix said...


We bind them into little albums with the year on the outside, then pack them into the Christmas box. Each year we take all of the albums out and toss them in a basket on the coffee table. It's fun to watch everyones' kids (and paunches, and bald spots) grow! :)

Jerralea said...

I like that idea! I also like Redclix's idea. You guys are the best!

Michie said...

Cute idea. I keep thinking I'm going to put something in the cabinets, but I haven't yet.


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