Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morning Chores

a few weeks ago, i wrote about our afternoon routine of chores, and our desire to instill in both little girls the pride and satisfaction that a job well done will bring. while i will be the first to (proudly) say that all the big kids are hard and diligent workers, i think that i could have done better in teaching them to work for the satisfaction of accomplishment, rather than just doing the job to get it over with.

in light of that goal, the girls and i also have morning chores that we work at daily. however, our morning tasks are more of the domestic variety. it's good for me, also, since having the primary responsibility of teaching these future wives and mothers, it gives me accountability, and no room for excuses.

after getting dressed, A will gather up her dirty laundry, and put it in the hamper, which is in the bathroom closet. she also puts the night time (disposable) diapers in a bag to be thrown out later. then both girls brush their teeth. either G or i will help them, as neither is old enough to do it alone. then i will fix A's hair. B likes me to do hers, too, even though she almost doesn't have enough to do into a little ponytail.

A is expected to help unload the dishwasher. she puts away the silverware, and all her and B's sippy cups. the cups usually need to be dried, since we usually air dry the dishes to save a few more pennies.

A and i also start the first of several loads of laundry, and empty the drying rack of all the dry clothes. then we fold laundry, which can vary from just a few pieces, to several baskets full. she will also help to fold the diapers, as well as put them away.

lastly, we will tidy our room: make the beds, pick up clothes, blankets and books, and make sure that it's neat. sometimes we even dust!

depending on Dave's work schedule for the day, i may need to start our main meal, or just make sure that i know what I'm making for dinner and that the meat is thawing. A may or may not help with whatever kitchen tasks I'm doing.

we were away last weekend at our church retreat, and one of the things that the women chatted about was keeping house, and more specifically, the challenge that it can be to keep our houses clean and organized! i know that i have a long way to go, but I'm encouraged by the support, understanding and camaraderie of other busy wives and moms just like me. we all struggle with many of the same things, but with the sense of community that our friendships bring, we can all strive together to be better housewives, and give our husband and family the gift of a peaceful and organized home, and bring honour to God while doing so.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I were more organized... we have no schedule... Maybe sometime you could do a post about how to get organized... I think lots of people could use an Organizing 101 course :)
(like me) :)


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