Friday, March 20, 2009

it's almost as good as 10 acres of pasture and a hay field!

today Dave's newest acquisition arrived straight off the boat from China. (in a wooden box, no less! when was the last time that you saw that?)

what is it, you may ask. well, I'm going to tell you! it's a meat grinder. a 1 horsepower meat grinder. as in, grind up anything and every thing in sight that doesn't move fast enough! (including the neighbor's dog that has the nasty habit of coming down and eating my chickens!) soon the pig will be large enough to butcher, and this is something that we needed to do that job. Dave is the ultimate e-bayer, and that's where we got this. (he looks for everything on e-bay. everything!) we plan on making lots of sausage, and this nifty grinder will be just the ticket!

and another of Dave's great ideas: next fall we are going to buy a cow. a large cow. a very alive cow. and then we'll bring it home, and after the proper preparation and such, we'll run it through this grinder and have boatloads of ground beef! so, just remember that you heard it here first!

because we're all about cutting edge in the frugal country living department. (no pun intended!)

p.s. i was TOTALLY kidding about the neighbor's dog. but i had you going there for a minute, didn't i?

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Wanda said...

Well, that is what they do in China...just kidding...My parents did that same thing once...even salted down the meat for bacon. As a child...I remember hating the horrible smell of them searing the hair, then rendering the fat, and of course seeing the severed head. I may have nightmares tonight Jennifer! :)


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