Monday, March 23, 2009

heating with wood, round two!

yesterday afternoon our tri-axle load of wood finally came. we paid what we feel is a very reasonable price. better yet, it was a fully packed load, consisting of mostly ash. i remember only the very end of a poem that i read somewhere about wood, and the quality of heat it would give: "ash wood wet and ash wood dry, a king can warm his slippers by."

anyway, it was quickly unloaded under the close supervision of Dave and both girls. thankfully, it was mostly smaller trunks, so G and N will be relieved that there won't be much splitting to do.

we plan on building a wood shed, so next year we'll be storing our firewood under the pole shed, instead of under tarps. slowly but steadily, we're making progress, and improving things around here!


Anonymous said...

We got a dump truck load of wood the other day. The kids and I stacked the whole thing.
I would like to have a wood shed too.

My mom and Dad got a tri-axle load of wood over the summer. It is definitely the more economical way to do it.

Have a great Monday.

Wanda said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to cut that up yourself Jennifer. That's a lot of wood. We have a wood burning insert in our fireplace downstairs that we use all furnace or heat-pump feels as good as a wood burning stove.

Octamom said...

Look at that! Glad that you got a good deal!



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