Tuesday, March 31, 2009

more of the same- but better!

a few weeks ago, i wrote about how relaxing and theraputic it is for me to knit. a dear friend taught me how to make these round dishcloths. almost too much excitement to stand, isn't it? (although i will say, if you have any amount of testosterone running thorugh your veins, you will probably think that this round dishcloth is a doily!)

i quickly got started on a yellow one, and although they look complicated, it's an easy and repetitious pattern, and quick to learn. i splurged on a small ball of the blue variegated cotton, and made another round dishcloth. then, just be frugal and unboring, i made another square dishcloth in both the blue and yellow.

here's the pattern, if you'd like to try one yourself:

CO 16
Knit 1 row
* K 4, YO, K 10, turn
K back
K 4, YO, K 9, turn
K back
K 4, YO, K 8 turn
K back
K 4, YO, K 7, turn
K back (20 stitches)
BO 4, K to end
K back *
repeat until you have 13 points. bind off, sew together.

then topping off this dishcloth extravaganza, on another of my trips to town i bought some netting. actually, alot of netting. it's only 69 cents a yard, so i bought 6 yards. i cut it into 4" strips (lengthwise) and using a size Q crochet needle, i made these pot scrubbers. they're pretty easy, as well. just chain 5 stitches, and single crochet in each chain. (don't forget to chain one before turning the row) in no time at all, you'll have a handy-dandy scrubber of your own!


Nathaniel Wise said...

She's quite the party animal, isn't she, folks? But we love for it. d;-P
I thought they were doilies. Look just like them.

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

YAY! I am a novice knitter and I am so glad I have someone to follow along and knit with now. :)

Your newest follower!

Wanda said...

Hi Jennifer...I'm going to copy and send the pattern to my sister. I like your little rooster...and how are the baby chicks? Take care!

Annette said...

I love hand made dish cloths. Unfortunately, I only crochet...not quite the same. And all of mine were made by my husband's grandmother, and she's not really able to make them any more...

It's almost motivating enough to learn to knit...almost, not quite.


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