Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Creative Memories giveaway!

i thoroughly enjoy scrapbooking, and the creative outlet that it offers me. it gives me a way to preserve and protect the memories of our family for many years to come. (and there is always the added benefit that scrapbooking is one of those things that i can do once and be done!)

in the few months before we moved to Bradford county, i was able to spend considerable time scrapbooking. Dave and the boys were often gone several days a week, as they traveled up here to work on the house, and to prepare it for our eventual move. the girls were still small enough that they took wonderfully long naps in the afternoon, and of course they went to bed early. so i was able to "catch up" with all my pictures, and get them into scrapbooks, even with some creativeness and journaling thrown in.

now enter my present reality, complete with nearly constant major remodeling, as well as two very busy little girls, livestock to care for and manage, a very large garden staring me in the face, and managing the household, and all that goes with it, as well as the homeschooling of my remaining two students.

let's just say that i have not touched a pair of scissors or cardstock in a creative sort of way since last April! i have multiple CDs burned with undeveloped digital pictures, as well as several memory cards full of pictures of momentous (and mundane) family happenings.

can you tell I'm just a little bit behind? but my blogging friend Julie is about to change all that. she is having a Creative Memories Storybook Creator Giveaway! I've already entered for a chance to win, but with blogging about it, i get a second entry! woohoo!

so here's to winning this fabulous product, and finally catching up again on all my pictures!

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Wanda said...

Don't give up Jennifer, being behind in that department was common for me with my 3 young ones, but it did get done. Then it started all over again with the grandchildren. See what you have to look forward to, but you will have more free time at that point! :)


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