Friday, March 13, 2009

blissful AND idyllic, not to mention delirously happy!

four years ago today I became Mrs. Jennifer Caplinger the Luckiest Woman in the World! Dave and i were married in a simple ceremony conducted by a friend, surrounded by more friends and family. M was my maid of honour, and i had daffodils in my bouquet.

i went from a single (homeschooling) mom to a happily married and cherished wife.

Dave catapulted from a bachelor subsisting on steaks and starch, to a father of 4 teenagers and all the challenges that naturally go with it.

the benediction that was spoken at the end of our wedding is especially meaningful, but most importantly, a true picture of our lives together:

May you live your days in joy,
May you live in one another's company in peace.
may you experience daily the gift of God's love to you
as you share that love with each other and your family.
May you endlessly delight in one another and your love daily grow stronger.
And now may the grace and blessings of God be yours, now and forever.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!...

What a fantastic "happy ending" !!!!

Have a wonderful day, are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Wanda said...

Happy Anniversary Mr.& Mrs.Caplinger!!!

Isn't being cherished all that any woman really

wants from a man! Stay Happy!!!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! It's amazing how quickly time flies -- four years already! What a blessing to enjoy such fullness in life for those four years and for the many more to come!


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