Tuesday, February 24, 2009

like i said, country living is not for the fainthearted!

yesterday there was excitement in the house- we got 7 eggs for the first time! we've been consistently getting 5 or 6 eggs every day, but since we have 7 laying hens, it was a momentous milestone to actually gather 7 eggs from the nest. A was all excited when she brought them in to me.

here they are, all lined up. the first one on the left it a little small, and it looks as if it might be the first pullet egg that the hen laid. owwie! (imagine having a baby every. single. day. those poor, poor hens!)

unfortunately, as with so many milestones and momentous occasions in our lives, we didn't realize that yesterday would be the first and last time that we got 7 eggs.

this afternoon when G went outside, it was to this shocking sight:

a chicken hawk! eating my chicken! G was able to get quite close, as you can see. the hawk would have flown off with its prize, but the hen was too heavy. the rest of the flock is either hiding down in the woods, or quaking in fear and shock under the back porch! kind of gives you new respect for Foghorn Leghorn.


Angie said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!

That is so terrible. Nick used to tell me about his cousin having chickens and all the trouble they had with hawks. They ended up fencing the chickens in with mesh roof.

Nasty bird...

Wanda said...

We use to have chickens and ducks, until we gave them to a "real" farmer, after a few were killed either by a fox or opossum.


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