Monday, February 23, 2009

he's mr. neat, and i'm mrs. tidy

we are so all about being neat and tidy around here. no, that wasn't sarcasm, why do you ask? that we are slowly finishing stuff around here, I'm trying to teach (or re-teach) the kids to pick up after themselves, and put something away when they are done with it. and while I'm at it, that would be a good lesson for Dave to learn, too! she said fondly.

we do have these handy storage baskets in the mud room, and they are perfect for all those hats, gloves, mittens and lightweight coats. every one has their own basket, and even A and B know to put their stuff away when they come inside.

but wait! what is that furry hat i see in the bottom basket?

it's not a hat! it's the cat! we store her in the basket. cuts down on the cat hair all over. because remember, we are all about neat and tidy around here!


Anonymous said...

That's too funny!

I am working on my organizational skills....It's harder than I thought :)

Wanda said...

By the second photo, I noticed the cat, who probably thinks "How nice of you to provide him with his own sleeping tower"...he looks very comfortable!


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