Sunday, November 09, 2008

our week in review

it's been a very busy week, made even more so by the huge list of tasks that i wrote for myself last Sunday night. but due to the added accountability of blogging about it all week, I've done almost all of it, with the help of everyone in the family. after I'm done typing, the boys and i will spend some time sorting the 10,683 Betty Lukens felt pieces, and hopefully make a large dent in that pile.

this is the field of pumpkins- AFTER we took out 3 trailer loads. it didn't even make a noticeable difference in the amount of rotting pumpkins lying about!

A came along for one of the trips, but she didn't have as much fun as she thought she would. too much like work, this gleaning of fields!

the first load down, only 2 more to go!

the first load we piled down by the pigs, and the other 2 loads are in the basement, so they don't freeze.

and here are pig and spot enjoying their first of many meals consisting mainly of pumpkin. i think that we will have pumpkin flavored pork chops!

this is our little local story hour at the library, and the kids all making their autumn trees with the leaves that i cut out. they all seemed to enjoy it, but mainly it was because of the glue they got to use all by themselves.

the steps are painted, and although you can't tell it here, they look much better. except for the bare studs, rough plank and bare wire showing, that is.

here I've cleaned and am now painting the base of the butler's pantry. i did the top part too, although i will need to touch that up after Dave is done with putting it back together.

here we've put the top back on. i really like the way that it is turning out, and i love the colors. there still is a fair amount of work to be done on it, but I'm very pleased.

spackling the ceiling was not as bad as i thought it would be. there were only 3 short butt joints, and 2 factory joints, so it went fairly quickly. just 2 more coats on the seams, and then i can paint it. i have a very beautiful color in mind, but will save that for another post...

now, it remains to be seen if I'll write another giant list for myself this week...

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