Thursday, November 20, 2008

my blog. it IS NOT boring, thank you very much!

ages ago, i started this blog at the suggestion of a very dear friend. that was way back when we both had the exciting idea that we could write this very heartwarming, inspiring and touching letter to LOWE'S, and get them to sponsor the fixing up of this old house. as in, this family is a LOWE'S family, they sure would be hugely appreciative, and we relocated to this particular spot because of its proximity to LOWE'S. of course, since we are using almost all exclusively LOWE'S products, it would be a great advertisement and motivation for all those who want to do their own project. just like their motto says-"let's build something together."

well, anyway, turns out, LOWE'S was not interested in building anything together with us, but I've continued writing my blog, and have gained 9 faithful readers along the way! I've really enjoyed being part of the blog-o-sphere! it's a whole world out there, and some of you i talk about as if you are part of my daily life:

"serina isn't planning on getting any pigs. wonder why?"
"Angie is sewing up a storm again. she's amazing!"
"why does pioneer woman post pictures of her feet?"
"octamom really likes our new front door!"
"guess what steph did in her crock pot today?"

I've mentioned before that it's tough to live on one income, so i do whatever i can to make our pennies stretch farther, and most of these topics I've written about at one time or other: making our own laundry soap, hanging out the clothes, raising pigs and chickens, haunting the local thrift stores...

but it didn't take me long to figure out that companies would pay to advertise on blogs. maybe they would pay to advertise on mine! what a thought- and very intriguing. i looked into it, and decided to give it a try. it was quick and painless to sign up for ad sense, and a very simple system. the google robots would troll my site, and related advertisements would be placed in the spots that i had designated for them.

i sat back and waited for the money to roll in. this would be my way of helping out our family, i told myself. well, it's still just me talking to myself, because as of this afternoon, I've only earned $1.23. disappointing. shameful. i can't even buy a gallon of milk. or a box of cereal. maybe 5 bananas, if they're on sale.

but, what i started my whole post about (and there really is a point to this, i promise!) is my advertisements:

Reflective Foil Insulation
Home Insulation Quotes
Insulation Estimates
Radiant Barrier System

woohoo! how exciting is that? i mean, except for my FIL, i don't think any guys read my blog. and what woman knows anything about insulation, or spends any part of her day thinking about it? none that i know of!

so- the moral of the story is "don't judge a blog by its ads!" almost every day i try to talk about something that's interesting and maybe a little bit relevant, and hopefully slightly humorous! and i do it because it's fun! good thing, because we won't be retiring and moving to Florida anytime soon!


Muthering Heights said...

I got the list from my sitemeter! :)

Angie said...

I wonder what ads they would assign to me? With all my posts about hair and head lice lately, it would probably be lice shampoo or something :)

I don't think your blog is boring. I find it very exciting. I like reading your guest posts ans stuff about your "farm".

I totally understand the one income thing.
Our neighbors both work and only have 1 child, so that kid is spoiled rotten. Sometimes my kids ask why *So and So* has so many toys, video games, etc.

Have a great day. My computer is cooperating with me today so I am catching up on some blog reading.

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