Sunday, November 09, 2008

it's starting to get HOT in here!

we are slowly dragging this old house into the current century, with all manner of new-fangled modern inventions. this week we updated our electric service to 200 amp, and have a new service box down in the basement. Dave spent most of Friday working on that, after the electric company came and installed our new service.

he and the boys also are working on insulating the outside of the house, while the weather is still warm enough to work outside. we are still amazed that after 200 years, the house never had insulation. we shudder to think how cold and drafty it must have been. obviously previous generations were made of hardier stock than us!

just getting started. this is 1/2" insulation board- Dave keeps telling me that half of the heating battle is keeping in the heat that you have. this should do the trick.

for now we'll have this piece of house wrap over the old door, until the weather is nice enough to put in the new door, as it will involve a rather large hole in our hallway for a few hours.

these old clapboards were too far gapped and rotting, so Dave pulled them off, made sure the gaps were insulated well, and continued putting on the insulation.

G was a big help with this project. N helped one morning, too. so for now the house looks really ugly, but it's a warm and ugly house! when they start putting the siding on (white with green shutters) that will make a big difference in a big hurry!


Jennifer said...

I've been following your housework journey all summer and had to say I can't believe how far it has come. It's looking great! I can't wait to see the end result. :c)

Angie said...

Wow, what progress!

Just wondering if there is MOPS on the 19th? If there is I will plan on attending (I have use of the car that day anyway. All the kids are getting flu shots-YUCK!)


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