Wednesday, November 05, 2008

crazy wild- par for the course

it feels as if it's alot busier than normal around here, and that's why i haven't been posting as much as I'd like. sorry! but i think about you guys alot, all you faithful readers of mine! i thought that I'd give you the list that I'm working from this week, and update it as i get things done.

clean and paint butler's pantry DONE

pumpkin seeds and puree DONE

move pigs DONE

leaves for library story time DONE

stack lath DONE


spackle ceiling in utility room DONE (well, nearly. only need to do coat 2&3 on the seams.)

clean boys bedroom DONE

paint step trim DONE

3 trailer loads pumpkins DONE

sort and file Betty Lukens felt set DONE

grocery shopping DONE

library trip DONE

dust house DONE

clean/organize sitting room DONE

I've been accomplishing the tasks from this list, as you can see. and happy about that too! but this doesn't include all my regular chores like laundry, cooking, school, feeding the stove, stuff like that. but it's good to have a list- it gives me motivation, direction and now accountability!

i would have liked to post some pictures of some of our recent projects, both mine and the ones that Dave is working on, but for some reason my computer has stopped reading my camera's memory card. according to my stupid all-knowing computer, removable disk (H:) no longer exists! hopefully i can get that figured out soon, and you can see all the things that we have been doing!


Muthering Heights said...

Wow, you are SO productive!

Angie said...

Where do you attend MOPS at? I used to go to the one at the Presbyterian Church by the courthouse, but right now with only 1 vehicle I haven't been able to.

I love the Betty Lukens felt sets. Our church has one. I enjoy using it for my Sunday School class.


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