Thursday, October 30, 2008

my kitchen, it's coming!

*edited to add new info at end*

yesterday was a pretty momentous day- dave ordered our new kitchen cabinets! whoopie-doo! I've written about my kitchen before, but now we are actually starting to move forward. sort-0f. here is the design that i updated at Lowe's last week. it's pretty much the same as what we originally planned on, we are just moving the wall out a little bit to accommodate those 2 extra cabinets. i even colored the picture, so you could see what the kitchen will look like when it's done! so now all that we have to do before the cabinets come in and we can install them is to: put heat in the back rooms, drywall the utility room ceiling, finish the butler's pantry, finish the roof on the back half of the addition, drywall the MB so it's not so honking windy in there, close up all the BIG windy leaks in the back rooms, move out the kitchen wall 36", drywall the kitchen, and paint the kitchen.

that's it.

no biggie!

here's a picture of my kitchen sink. Dave picked it out. (I'm seeing a trend going here- he picked out my stove, dishwasher, and now sink!) but that's OK. maybe you can see the tiny little price tag up in the right hand corner? this sink was $299, but reduced to $248. but wait- they were re-doing the sink display, and were going to throw all the sinks away, but decided to sell them instead. for $25. yes. no decimal typo there. $25. so maybe I'll let Dave pick out a few more appliances. as long as next time he brings home one of those front loading washers for $99!

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Angie said...

Oh, I'll bet you are so excited. Having a kitchen that you love is so important. I love that open design. We remodeled our kitchen last year. It had that closed in, 70's look to it. So we ripped out and redesigned and replaced the very ugly linoleum. It was a lot of work. My husband told me that my job was to keep the kids out of the way. That was fine by me.

I can't wait to see pictures of yours all finished.


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