Friday, October 03, 2008

i've no coherent thought in my head....

but I'll ramble on a little anyway, just to update you.

crazy week- i was sick for most of it. just the flu, but it lasted 3 days! Dave was sick, too, so it was pretty hairy around here for awhile! it's amazingly astounding how much dust and laundry 5 children can make while I'm lying flat on my back for a couple days. i just got my house *cleaned* least what i hope will pass as clean, or as good as it ever gets. i still haven't "caught up" on laundry, but it took 4 of us dusting, vacuuming, wiping, cleaning and tidying/putting away to even make a dent in the messy house. hopefully Dave will notice when he walks in the door! that will make it all worthwhile. *sigh...*

some bloggy housekeeping notes-

*winter rye is a cover crop for the garden. it will keep the soil in place over the winter, as well as provide nutrients for the soil in the spring when we till it under.

*the happy compromise for the butler's pantry is to move it to the other wall in the utility room. husband and wife happy: i still have my super cool piece of history, and Dave has his outside wall to run the hot water baseboard on. I'll fix it up a little in the process, too. thanks to all who voted. and in case you were wondering, it was N and G who voted no to saving the pantry. aforementioned sons were thinking that they would have to expend too much elbow grease in the whole project, so just voted with the demotilitoin crew! suffering ingrates!

*D is indeed working at the Family Dollar that angie mentioned. he's in desperate need of money, as well as maturity, it would seem. rough few days/weeks/months with him- he's enlisting in the Navy next week, and will bring new meaning to the phrase "shape up or ship out!"

*in case you were wondering the story behind the master bath shower- the short version is: Dave is a very busy guy, with lots on his mind. long version: Dave forgot to move it out of the utility room before replacing the old 36" door with our new, window paned 34" inch door. since the shower is 34 1/2" it quickly became obvious that this would be a problem. but Dave, my wonderful husband, solved it. he took out the door (yes, the one that he had just put in the night before, and then took out the shower. or as we like to say, caused it to be taken out. and then he put the door in. again.)

so, i'm thankful that we're all well again, that we have a warm house, and there was no blood shed in our home this week. and sometimes, that's as good as it's gonna get! over and out.


AVT Coach said...

Jennifer, I have been tagged and now you have too! I know you can come up with 7 quirky/random things about yourself! Come to my site to get details!

Angie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. We had a case of the flu bug over the summer. Monday-Friday all 5 of us had it on a different day. By Saturday, the house was a wreck.

I wish I had planted some winter rye. It's probably to late to do it now?

Glad your keeping the pantry.

Have a great day!

Angie said...

oh, I was going to tell you, on your next trip North :). About 1 mile after you go past Crystal Springs Motel, there is a farm on the left hand side with a big blue house. That is where I grew up. My parents ran the farm until 2002 when they sold it to a neighbor. There is a picture of me riding my horse in front of the house on my most recent post. (The picture was taken before the porch was put on)

Just thought I would mention that because I think it is so cool that we live so close.

Have a great day!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

here is the link - I checked on my blog - and it is working so I don't know why you couldn't get there from my blog.


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