Saturday, October 11, 2008

in the blink of an eye!

exactly one year ago yesterday, little B J joined our family, making it an even 3 boys and 3 girls. what a blessing this pleasant, blue eyed baby has been, and we are so thankful for the joy and laughter that she has brought into our lives. every day she is growing up, and while i enjoy watching her, i am sad that each little baby milestone will be our last. so i resolve to treasure the little moments, and take time to rock this precious little girl to sleep, and play patty cake, and read piles of board books, and take her outside to see all the animals. but most of all, i will hug her tight, and tell her how much i love her, and cover her sweet little baby face with kisses from mama.

here B has her own little birthday cake. she did very well with the candle, and even blew it out all by herself! I've never known a little one to do that before! it was so cute that i re-lit the candle several times, just so she could blow it out! and she loved that we sang to her over and over!

she was very timid about eating her cake. daddy helped her, and she really liked the strawberry with cream cheese icing!

now she's starting to really dig in!

Dave and i gave her a little cabbage patch doll named Donna. B really seems to like it, and held it close, and was patting the dolly on the back!

A gave her sister a ball. I'm not sure who liked it more- A or B!

N and G gave B a little rolly chime thing. B liked that as well, although she's still not walking.

M had left a very cute puzzle for B- a wooden farm animals. B really liked that, too, and tried to put the puzzle back together.

and here we have the icing on the cake- just what every mother wants her one year old baby to have- a BB gun! this is Dave's special present to B. (just like the one he got for A when she turned one!)

here is my happy hunting crew! A already talks about shooting things, and eating them. her daddy is training her well!

B is playing with her puzzle.

it's hard to be the little kid with no birthday presents to open! A did really well, but she likes B's puzzle and dolly, and has walked around for the last day holding and nursing Donna. never mind that she has her own dolly, Charlotte! now the girls can play house together- 2 best friends!


AVT Coach said...

Congratulations to the little on one her birthday. What a nice family celebration. My kids always liked playing with the other's birthday toys too. Fortunately she is only one!

Angie said...

Our kids birthdays are 1 day apart. Nater turned 2 on the 11th. How crazy is that? I couldn't sleep the night before. I couldn't believe that ny baby was turning two.

Just in case you are wondering, I turned my blog private for a while. I have been getting some really weird comments and e-mails. Not sure what I am going to do about that. I might have to start a new blog if it keeps getting worse. I ended up changing my e-mail address because of it. I made the mistake of listing my e-mail address on my blog.

Happy Birthday to B!!!! Love the BB gun!


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